29 June 2010

ball of flowers

one of the joys of summer is that it feels wonderful to walk barefooted ... nice! :)

28 June 2010

and the winner is ...

parabéns griséu!!! you are the winner ... por favor envia-me um email com os teus dados para otchipotchi@gmail.com ... obrigada, e mais uma vez parabéns! ... sempre vai rumar a sul. talvez numa antecipação da viagem de outono ;)

thank you all for participating! maybe you didn't win this time ... who knows next time. I had so much fun doing this that I have plans to keep on doing it. : )
still some little swallows remaining in the following nice shops ... then I will only be making them for some special projects. enjoy a wonderful sunny day, cheers!!*

casa ruim
design com texto
mau feitio

muito obrigada a todos por participarem! não tiveram sorte desta vez mas talvez para a próxima. adorei organizar este pequeno concurso e penso continuar. : )
ainda há algumas andorinhas nas seguintes lojas ... a partir de agora só as farei para projectos especiais. tenham um excelente dia, viva!!*

casa ruim
design com texto
mau feitio

26 June 2010


do you think this one is big?... well, it is nothing compared to the one I got this morning ... some Ø33cm (12.99") just for one flowerhead ... I had to show you although the images are not very good and are out of focus :)

lisette spring/summer 2010

lisette always simple with pretty details, so practical containing childhood memories ... I could spend summer in this whole collection :)

all images are from envelope.co.jp

25 June 2010

warm afternoon

feeling the quiet in the warm afternoon ... have a wonderful evening!*

a couple of hydrangea flowers and the leaves of a tree I don't know the name of, that start by being pale pink and then they turn into almost white and only in the end they become green. do you know what is it? 
update: after a little search I found out the leaves are from an "acer negundo flamingo" :)

the last one

no longer making the little porcelain swallows (except maybe for very special occasions) ... this is the last one I have! some new work is in the making and ready in early July ;)

I reserved this one for a giveaway ... please leave a comment here with your email until 23:59 GMT (Portugal time) tonight 25th june. the results of the draw will be known here on monday 28th of june ...

enjoy a wonderful shiny day and good luck! : ) .p

update: the entry for the giveaway is now closed. thank you all! the result will follow on monday ...

23 June 2010

summer shadows

I enjoyed observing the shadows on my walk yesterday! the beautiful rhythm, the patterns they made.
it was hot and I was in the big city and I escaped into the depths of a refreshing garden. it was wonderful! love .p

21 June 2010


a few random images of high moments of my first day of summer. enjoy a happy summer! :)

... had figs, picked straight from the tree, for the first time this year. love figs!

19 June 2010

wild strawberries

fragaria vesca or woodland strawberries picked this morning ... they are so pretty and made me smile. an early summer simple bouquet. such a joy! : )

little porcelain pebble vase here