30 September 2010


my current favourite breakfast ... toast with red fruits jam and sliced banana with cinnamon tea.

have a wonderful day! :) .p

28 September 2010


I was busy in the studio all day making more pebble vases and wall vases. packed the kiln and all work is now ready to be fired during nine hours up to 900ºC (the first firing of the pieces).

27 September 2010


just some pretty boring images to show you how much the basil has grown and how pretty and healthy it looks. an indoors sunny position and plenty of fresh water did the trick, I suppose. I'm making pesto tonight ... happy monday! .p

and yes, I made the curtains out of the same fabric as this bag

26 September 2010

the little house

in the making ...

apple butter

during the week I made some "apple butter".
well I had to try it after "eavesdropping" a conversation on flickr between Mr. P "what a tr!p" and Ms C "the hills are alive" : )
from the ingredients I knew I was going to love it ... although and in fact this is more like an apple jam or sauce rather than butter because there is no fat or butter involved.
recipe here supplied by Mr. P ... thank you!

enjoy a lovely sunday! love .p

24 September 2010

the foggy days

millions of years ago the place where I live was a river bed. in fact it is a plateau with water running not many feet underground. I can expect many foggy days and I love it!

enjoy! :) .p

22 September 2010


tonight at 03:09 UTC (GMT) the autumnal equinox takes place ... enjoy a wonderful autumn (or spring!) wherever you are! love .p

porcelain leaves handmade by me

21 September 2010

london lisbonite interview

I was invited for an interview by lovely Catherine of london lisbonite. you can read it here!
thank you so much Catherine for your support!

19 September 2010

fig jam

made it yesterday while waiting for ceramic pieces to dry ...
recipe from waitrose, my favourite supermarket ;)

enjoy a delicious sunday! .p

18 September 2010


it looks like a quiet breeze brought autumn into my working table yesterday ...

enjoy a great weekend! love .p

17 September 2010


some work in progress in my spare time. hope to show what it is soon...

good morning! : ) .p

16 September 2010

studio corner

it is quiet! just the sound of the music coming from the radio playing at low volume and the occasional kids talk on their way to school disturb the silence in the studio. through the wide open window I breath the new season nearly beginning. it feels comfortable now after so many days of torrid heat. I long for it to stay this way ...

good morning! enjoy a lovely day .p

15 September 2010

catching the last sun rays of the day

just before the light was gone for the day ... the perfect combination of blue and gold!