27 February 2010


all night the wind howled and cried. the rain copiously against the windowpanes. the dark creaked, bending the hours. found them left scattered in the early morning.

26 February 2010


I was so happy to receive in the mail this beautiful notebook made by a lovely lady. the tiny hearts are made out of cinema leaflets. so clever! muito obrigada, adorei! *

notebook cover

it finally arrived! made a while ago for a lovely person ... a little cover fit for a moleskine© cahier journal.

25 February 2010


been quietly working for the last couple of days. experimenting and the new kiln has arrived. already fired a few pieces but still too hot to open. will wait until tomorrow. feeling anxious until then!

22 February 2010

on my table

on my working table yesterday

21 February 2010

after the rain

today after a day that started with a thunderstorm, continued with heavy rain and ended with an amazing combination of turquoise and heavy lead coloured skies


inflorescences as drawn by me in the corners of notebooks while attending some theoretical classes

20 February 2010


the first batch in a very, very long time. from my old yoghurt maker freshly made as I woke up this morning.

18 February 2010

from london

going through the bottom of some drawers I came across these photographs and contact sheets I took and processed a long time ago ... back in london!

17 February 2010

grey skies

I cannot resist the birds ... images from a couple of days ago!

16 February 2010

magnolia liliiflora

it has been so dark and damp these last couple of days that it was such a soothing surprise to see these yesterday. I had been looking for them and there they were as I turned the corner near the old church. lovely magnolias!

14 February 2010


spent sometime caring for the plants. felt peaceful afterward.