February 1st 2024 . Atlantic Ocean . Praia do Norte Nazaré

Winter, sunny and unusually warm. The view from the cliff. Waves down below, in the distance, serpentine on the deep blue wrinkled surface. Emerald green underneath rushing on the surface dissolve in white clouds of foam. 

June 10th 2021 . Atlantic Ocean . somewhere between Peniche and Berlengas

Bobbing on the ferry towards the small island, it was an early morning, rather cloudy and plain with the occasional filtered white light. The body of water in heavy dark blue ink was dense and brittle in perpetual motion. A giant animal breathing deeply. Above the line, the sky, a compact veil over us. Quiet, still, almost monotonous.

May 25th 2021 . Atlantic Ocean . Praia dos Alteirinhos

Late afternoon. The naked beach soaked in blinding silver light. The constant roaring of the sea and the waves crashing, spreading on the clean sand just to rise again and again reaching further inland every time. A turmoil moving mass of blended clear emerald green,  deep blue, golden sand and white surf.

June 6th 2020 . Atlantic Ocean . Praia do Baleal

The sea, a mirror of the quiet sky. Flat, glassy, blue.

August 30th 2019 . Atlantic Ocean . high sea between Peniche and Berlengas

High Summer. Bright turquoise sky. Deep blue sea.  Morning breeze on the surface of the water creating patterns which came and went.