31 March 2010


another month comes to an end.
spring is here. magnolias are almost gone. time for jasmine now and everything is so beautiful and full of life all around.
in my studio I practice, the succulents are watching and I keep the hyacinths and daffodils bulbs in grocery paper bags in a dark place. a farewell until autumn again.

30 March 2010


a bit of sunny yellow in a tiny porcelain pot in the studio today
camomile from the fields this morning
vintage doily
tiny pot by me


still working on it. experimenting. adjusting.

26 March 2010


a bit messy in the studio today. sometimes I'm messy and I love it!
have a lovely weekend!

24 March 2010

magnolias again

there are still a few of these magnolias around. recording them before they are gone.

23 March 2010

magnolia liliiflora

magnolia liliiflora
stamen and sepals, petals, whole flowers, leaves and branch, silk thread and porcelain hand-shaped magnolia petals by me

22 March 2010

today II

paper. colours tea rose and olive green.

today I

working on something. looking for something. feeling uncertain. in my mind lightness and colours in blooming trees around here in this beginning of spring.

21 March 2010


spring has returned. the earth is like a child that knows poems. rainer maria rilke

19 March 2010

available to order

for as long as I can remember swallows have been a symbol of the return of spring. since I was a little girl I liked to imagine them to be the carriers of the warm weather brought from far away, exotic places where they had spent the winter months. it was the time for lighter, country filled flower days which would roll into sunny and hot summer days.

I made these simple porcelain swallows, or andorinhas in portuguese, inspired by traditional ceramic black, quite realistic swallows we used to have hanging outside the entrance door in our house when I was very young. it was common to find them in households throughout the country in those days. there was a belief they would bring protection to the home and those living inside.

my version of small porcelain swallows are now available to order from the shop.
they are individually made from creamy white slip cast porcelain using plaster molds I made myself and are then hand finished with a clear glaze on top and left with the smooth touch of polished porcelain underneath. they carry a little hole so you can display them on a wall next to your favourite paintings and prints or even around a lovely mirror. they can also be placed on a little wooden stick and live among your cherished plants.
they love to live in groups instead of being just one. 
click on images for detail

18 March 2010


spent the last couple of days working. yesterday made quite a few tests for glazes and decorations and packed the kiln. only tomorrow will I be able to find out about the results. the kiln is taking around twenty four hours to cool down, apart from the ten hour cycle I set up for the firing. one has to be patient, although the temptation of opening the kiln before it is completely cold is high but very risky. I resisted!
this is probably the most anxious moment in ceramics. the kiln always has the last word. specially for a novice like me.
I'm praying!

17 March 2010


it was my friend's birthday yesterday.
one of the greatest pleasures I have in life is to make to give. my birthday present was one of my just made marmalade jars. actually I'm only left with one ... given all the others away!

15 March 2010


a bit late this year (is it ever late?) for marmalade making but a given bag full of oranges asked for it.
making it as I type.


slowly progressing ...

13 March 2010

in my pocket

my jacket pocket is often a jar full of spring

12 March 2010


thank you for your kind comments on yesterday's post.
today there was a slight perfume of sweet freesias enveloping the air as I went out. it felt like a good sign.
the weatherman says it is going to be sunny and cold during the weekend. I will be working, go for a long walk and possibly do a bit of sewing for myself ... how about you, planning something nice?
wishing you a lovely weekend!
images from three years ago

11 March 2010

the flock

they have arrived.
porcelain swallows handmade by me

9 March 2010

porcelain cat

the day was sunny and bright. little matilda slept peacefully in the sun. she woke up covered in porcelain.
just out of curiosity ... today I found out that there are porcelain berries. they have pretty colours.

7 March 2010


spring must be around the corner ...
porcelain swallow handmade by me

6 March 2010


when there is a lot of space to decorate and a very tight budget simple things can make all the difference and I feel so peaceful for that.