30 April 2010

at the moment

while I wait for the "crochet stones" to dry and be ready to fire here is another little idea .... from a small stone with a peculiar shape I made a mould to possibly use for some "pebble" vases ...
click on images for detail.
update: they are in the shop now

birthday tags

I made some "happy birthday" tags in porcelain

26 April 2010


inspired by many crochet covered stones I have seen around on the net these unglazed polished porcelain stones shall be in the shop soon.

23 April 2010

good things!

my little swallows are now available from a couple of shops over here (see links on the side).
I just love the way they were presented in here. obrigada Elisa!

wishing you a lovely weekend and thank you for your visits and comments ... they make me happy! :)


a cobalt blue rim in a fine porcelain vase. I like the way it turned out ...

21 April 2010

yellow weeds

I always have flowers in the studio. I need them around me even if they are simply pretty weeds like these taraxacum officinale (?) I picked this morning during my usual walk.

just as I type there is this most wonderful thunderstorm high up in the sky ... 


chocolate?! no, new otchipotchi tags! :)

20 April 2010

embroidery from the deep sea

aren't these just wonderful? they remind me of delicate embroidery pieces. that would be a really nice project for someone passionate for needlework.

in order images of chlamydophrys, cryptopharynx, bacteriastrum and acantharians all tiny living creatures from the oceans. found yesterday in the guardian

19 April 2010

almost white

some new work in progress. meanwhile the swallows have been flying throughout the world.
thank you all who acquired my work!

13 April 2010

another flock

click on images for detail
it has been a few days. during this time I spent my days working on a couple of orders for shops, kept up with some old friends, started a tiny vegetable plot (the first time I planted any vegetables) and enjoyed the most gorgeous days of spring. for many, many years I hadn't had such a closer and daily contact with spring. maybe because I live now in a more rural area, maybe because here the skies are wide and beautiful.
I'm still pretty busy now and may be absent for a few more days while preparing a website and develop some new work. meanwhile some more swallows are back in stock here
see you soon! enjoy spring ...

lemon tree flowers

here the streets are beautifully scented with the perfume of orange and lemon trees flowers. it is probably one of my favourite scents of all!
this tiny branch is from my own lemon tree I have in the back yard.

7 April 2010


I don't seem to be able to refrain from photographing flowers these days.
spring is offering its best. I have been working by the open window, listening to the different bird songs all day, observing the change in trees, visible everyday.
just last week the peach trees were covered by the most awesome dark pink flowers. by now they are green full of tender leaves.
everywhere the scent of flowers.
every late afternoon I spend sometime in the park feeling the sun going down and the quiet breeze. days are so much longer now, by past 8 pm it is still daylight.
what a joy these days have been!

6 April 2010


jasmine is everywhere now and the streets are wonderfully scented.