31 August 2010

still sleeping?!

it is 7:25am right now and well, no not really, she is not sleeping! ... right now she is looking out of the window observing and "talking" to the birds.
this was taken last week in her current favourite place to sleep ... a large plaster mould I made. you are sure to find her here while I'm in the studio and during her afternoon naps.

good morning! enjoy your day :) .p

30 August 2010


I have been meaning to show my collection for a very long time ... it seemed a good opportunity today since I finally oiled all of them yesterday :)
(there is my beloved knife missing!)

the one in the middle on the 2nd image used to belong to my dear mother and it was used often to cut pastries, the slim rolling pin is Indian and is used to roll flat bread, the 2nd from the right on the 3rd image was sent to me by lovely Valerie. it is Moroccan and it is used to shape sweets, apparently. thank you dear!

scented herbarium

I have been selecting my gatherings from this spring/summer ... these are the scented beauties! (some more than others)

25 August 2010

hi! from the big city

random moments from today in town ...
the river smelled the sea and it was blue, not a single cloud in the sky, youngsters joyfully heading to the beach, some red&blue details, a quiet road in the morning while waiting (despite the hot weather I had some tea), a cluster of butterflies in some shopwindow ...

23 August 2010

on my working table today

some colour ...

saturday night fever

saturday nights are for people to go out and enjoy a drink with friends or go to a nice movie or show. maybe the perfect time to stay in and relax with a good book and a glass of fine wine. but me?! no! I spent my last saturday night happily untangling this mess ... I love my dog! :)

22 August 2010

21 August 2010

lucas' crochet technique

while on the phone I saw my dog gaily walking towards the sofa where earlier this afternoon I had been working on a bit of a crochet sample, and happily he walked away carrying the whole work with him (hook included?!!!)
he said he wanted to start a little new coat for him for when the weather gets a bit cooler ... I think he did a great job out of it! : )

luckily it wasn't any expensive yarn, phew!