30 January 2010


End of January ... what accomplishments have I made?
• Read a whole book in french. Well it was a comics book but still I made it in french. Quite happy with that!
• Took some hard decisions that had been on hold for years. Made up my mind and vital changes are taking place. Starting to breath!
• Bid farewell to a job that wasn't feeling quite right. Learning to listen to myself.
• Watched 3 movie, at home it is true but it is a start to my film watching resolution.
• I spent more time with myself just thinking, just listening. Many important decisions resulted from that.
• Gave lots of love to my pets ... everyday and they reciprocate.
• Bought 2 hyacinths and been watchful of my tiny succulents.
• Watched birds flying in the sky and released myself. Saw the days growing wider.
• I posted here often this month. Sometimes not much to say but the important was to be present, establish a method that I'm in need of and start to get organised ... eagerly waiting for February. Going to miss parts of what I leave behind but so looking forward to what lies ahead. So many projects to put into practice.