12 February 2010

fragments of today

today the temperatures dropped considerably and the sky stayed blank and grey for most of the day. I wrapped myself up in layers of warmth and a persisting headache and faced the blistering northerly wind venturing out searching for myself in the back streets of town, in what remains. searching for that light, the wide open skies. as I walked I longed to capture as much as possible of my surroundings, getting hold of my memories before they are lost and gone. I walked in silence except for my words, rusty with time, forming in my head. up above me storks carry long twigs in their beaks working hard to build their nests. it is time for a new start and they are graceful in their flight. the few remaining orange trees are heavy with fruit dropped to the ground, still beautiful as always. then, in those other days, every house had at least, either an orange or a lemon tree in the yard. low, modest whitewashed houses they were! I made plans to search for each piece, collect in every corner those, almost forgotten moments and build a map of what I was.
I gathered many bits from the ground, hands frozen, happy face! brought them home, placed them on the windowsill in disorder and made myself a nice, comforting cup of milky tea. no sugar, please!