1 March 2010


march is here and I feel inspired by the warm colours of these leaves I found today lying in the park.
february has gone, what have I done ...
• made the big move. moved home. moved town. still adjusting to many changes inside of me.
• been reading more ... a few pages almost everyday before sleep. finished a book and well into another.
• looked after my plants and it has been very rewarding.
• went for walks, looked at birds, watched the rain ... making the best out of this long winter and enjoying it (been helping me on my contemplation).
• collected pretty bits of nature ... almost everyday I came home with pockets full. they are all selected and assembled into a big box now.
• getting more and more organised ... slowly but surely.
• feeling quieter and more peaceful despite everything.
• set up my tiny little studio and the most important of all ... started working again!

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turtle and dragon said...

So glad to hear you are settling in nicely to your new home and surroundings. It takes time, be patient and gentle with yourself. Thinking of you. ox Melanie