26 May 2010

strawberry jam

as promised yesterday I made some strawberry jam ... perfect with my crackers! I'm like mr. wallace, I like my crackers! ; )

recipe for the jam? I used this one. it seemed easy and quick to make. I increased the strawberries to 1.5kg (and the boiling time) but kept to 1kg sugar and skipped the butter.
wishing you a sweet day! : ) .p


Carola Zajdman said...

Hi, I´ve just met you, so lovely blog, love it !!

turtle and dragon said...

The jam looks simply delicious. This set of images is lovely. Hope your week has been wonderful. Thinking of you. ox Melanie

Luiza said...

Hello there!
Rosa sent me to your wonderful and pure blog, full of things I love!!!

Also love your cat, Matilda. The image of her sleeping at your table in the studio is gorgeous =).

I really like what I see, and will be back for more soon!
I wonder, hoew I can get the "Congratulations" tags you make? Looked into your shop, but couldn´t find them...

Have really nice evening!
Hugs from Luiza in Sweden.