6 August 2010


all handmade by me ... some can be found here.

my first attempts at crochet . I'm teaching myself how to . I'm loving it!


Belinda said...

these are very pretty. so is the crocheting!

moomi said...

your crochet is beautiful! i'm trying to teach myself, but it's like reading japanese! i just can't get it!!! thank you so much for my beautiful crochet pebble, i got it the other day & it immediately made me smile :)
<3 candice
melbourne, australia

moomi said...

and now i've just bought a little wall vase!
your work is so beautiful - thank you for sharing it with us :)

Margie Oomen said...

you are amazing at it already

turtle and dragon said...

How wonderful, your creations are always so lovely! I have been wanting to learn to crochet. Happy weekend to you, my friend. ox

Marilyn said...

This is all just so beautiful and well done on the crochet....it looks like you have always done it!!!

Lina said...

These are just so beautiful like always...Your creations are pleaseure for my eyes

Vera Espinha said...

as rosetas estão lindas!

Valerie said...

your first attempts ?!
how many lives as a crocheter have you lived before this one ?!!!!
Paula I knew you were talented... now i know you're multi-talented !
they're so pretty and I'm happy you're having fun with this little hook you can take anywhere ! (I love it too !)