13 November 2010


even the box that comes with the cards is lovely!
one complimentary card with each 20€ spent online (excluding p&p) until 31st december 2010

até a caixa que vem com os cartões é linda!
oferta de um por cada 20€ em compras feitas online (portes não incluídos) até 31 de dezembro 2010


turtle and dragon said...

The cards look terrific! ox Mel

Ariadne said...

Thanks for telling us about moo.I just ordered my own cards!Ariadne from Greece!

wideeyedtree said...

Beautiful cards! I wanted to make my own moo cards too, recently, but in the end I couldn't, cause I don't have a credit card :(

Valerie said...

so pretty !

how did you manage to get them print your cards really WHITE ?
all the light background pictures that I downloaded at Moo came to me all yellowish ... I'm reluctant as for a next time, although I usually enjoy their stuff...

paula said...

thanks everyone ... I'm quite happy with them! :)

Valerie . I didn't do anything special. just downloaded my images in high resolution (300dpi, I think!) as they asked.
my images tend to be quite bluish/grey and they just came out like than in the cards too.
maybe you can adjust a bit of your images in any image management program like photoshop so they are less yellow :)