28 May 2010

yellow pom poms

have a sunny and bright weekend! the weatherman says the temperatures are going to rise and we will have blue skies. enjoy! : ) love .p

... the little horse is made of gingerbread. I bought it in Prague years ago!

27 May 2010

the invitation

I'm pleased to invite everyone to attend the opening of "ar.co bolseiros e finalistas 09" exhibition (2009 final year students exhibition), where I'll be showing some of my work, on the 15th June 2010 at 6:30pm in Palácio Galveias, Lisbon. I would be very happy to meet you there! : )

é com muito agrado que convido todos a estarem presentes na inauguração da exposição "ar.co bolseiros e finalistas 09", onde irei participar com alguns dos meus trabalhos, no dia 15 de Junho pelas 18:30h no Palácio Galveias (junto ao Campo Pequeno) em Lisboa. ficaria muito feliz de os ver lá! : )

enjoy a wonderful day! love .p

26 May 2010

strawberry jam

as promised yesterday I made some strawberry jam ... perfect with my crackers! I'm like mr. wallace, I like my crackers! ; )

recipe for the jam? I used this one. it seemed easy and quick to make. I increased the strawberries to 1.5kg (and the boiling time) but kept to 1kg sugar and skipped the butter.
wishing you a sweet day! : ) .p

25 May 2010

magnolia grandiflora

now it is the time for magnolia grandiflora over here ... love the delicate softness of the petals in these.
have a sweet day! ... I'm making strawberry jam later in the day : )

24 May 2010

good morning!

some flowers that are all over here at the moment and a couple of glaze tests I just took out from the kiln.

there is an interview with me here for those who can read portuguese. obrigada Elsa! : )

have a lovely and simple day! love .p

23 May 2010


one of the joys of spring for me ... new fresh, juicy and tasty fruits of the season. right now, strawberries!
where I live they are locally produced and the fields are now dotted with tiny bits of delicious red. I have been eating strawberries everyday for the past week and yesterday I got a bag full of them for jam.

fabulous garlands

garlands by sophie cuvelier ... fabulous!

21 May 2010


various pods, mint leaves and porcelain handmade physalis by me ... do you remember?

have a lovely day! here it is going to be sunny, bright, blue skies and very hot! prevision for 36ºC/96.8ºF ... need to find a cool place to spend the day! :)

20 May 2010

from the sea

tiny pebbles, washed out bits of rock, sea urchins and a large porcelain sponge handmade by me.
have a refreshing day! :) .p

19 May 2010


found these yesterday lying on the grass in the park ... someone picked them and left them scattered. I know it is from a bush but don't know the name. any idea?
hope you have a lovely day! in here it is hot (33ºC/91ºF) and sunny and blue skies ... it feels like summer : )

17 May 2010


a piece is perfect and neat ... just to come out of the kiln like this! not exactly a disaster but something that happens often when working with porcelain and push the boundaries trying to experiment new things. it doesn't mean the result is not interesting, or at least curious :)


I had to share this ... yesterday in the studio! : )

14 May 2010

O o0

found a little egg shell on the other day in the park ... love the fragility and colours in it!