6 January 2011


today is epiphany ... a day to follow the stars ... a day to be grateful ... a day for friendship!*

card handmade by Paula


Ariadne said...

I am glad you mentioned it. I feel I have so much to say on my blog and then forget some of them. Is that holy water? Lovely card!AriadnefromGreece!

mecamo said...

Whoever will get this card, this person will be very happy to have a friend like you, who make handmade goodies :-)

paula said...

Ariadne - thank you! no, it is just plain water but it is an extraordinary idea that of the Holy Water ...I liked it! :)

Mecamo - thank you! Actually I was the lucky recipient of this card ... my friend Paula [yes, another Paula :)] made it specially for me using a wonderful Italian paper with birds ... :)

Pauline said...

So sweet from her. And also so beautifully made.
Hugs, Pauline