6 January 2012

the king cake

the king cake is a traditional portuguese cake that is usually eaten during the holiday season up until the "dia dos reis" (literally day of kings, a reference to the magi) on january the 6th. the cake is round with a hole in the centre, resembling a crown covered with crystallized and dried fruit.
the "bolo rei" is baked from a soft egg dough, with raisins, nuts and pieces of crystallized fruit. also included inside is a "fava" (dried broad bean), and tradition dictates that whoever finds the "fava" has to pay for the "bolo rei" next year. initially, a small gift was also included within the cake. however, the inclusion of this gift (usually a small metal trinket) was forbidden by the european union citing safety reasons ... "from wikipedia with minor adaptations by me"

today is a magical day ... let's celebrate! *
hoje é um dia mágico ... vamos celebrar! *


the Blue Rabbit House. said...

Each time you show photos of the lovely food you baked, I get the desire to start baking myself. I'm a bad cook, but I'd love to be able to bake delicious things!

Ariadne said...

This is something like the New Year's Pie(vasilopita) we have in Greece where we still add a coin for the lucky person.

Pauline said...

Enjoy this day and the cake !! Looks so good.
Hugs, Pauline

Patricia G said...

Baker and potter - you are a maker of the beautiful and delicious. Enjoy!

turtle and dragon said...

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend!!! ox Mel