12 March 2012

blooming III

. the first magnolias have been around for a little while and are almost gone . near summer the grandiflora will arrive .


eau de nil said...

so glad you were there to catch them - nobody does spring like you do . . .


Patrice A. said...

one of my favorites
I have a magnolia tree
but it is still so small
beautiful images
thank you!

from the Netherlands
where Spring comes soon

Alexandra Macedo said...

Tudo tão bonito por aqui!... :-)

turtle and dragon said...

I always so adore your magnolia images. It is warm here too, very strange winter for us. At least this season we have a bit of rain, not like last winter. The area remains under a serious drought, it will be interesting to see what the spring and summer are like. Thinking of you.
ox Mel