23 June 2012

lunch in the garden

. under the vine. the grapes look beautifully underway . a simple lunch . a hot summer's day .
::: ::: :::
. debaixo da vinha . as uvas estão lindas . um almoço simples . um dia de verão quente .


aloÿse said...

Hot summer's day can easily be perfect day.

Frances Candler Della Wright said...

This is beautiful..

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

just beautiful!
simple & light lunches are the best for these hot summer days!
especially having them in such a pretty garden!

turtle and dragon said...

What a gorgeous location for a lovely meal! Hope your weekend was grand!
ox Mel

theweightofdreams said...

que cenário lindo para um almoço :-)

Eirene said...

I enjoy looking at your blog which I have been following for a year now. I also wanted to say that I have nominated you for the Blogger Sunshine Awards, http://a-place-called-space.blogspot.co.uk/