5 June 2012


Today I noticed the wild blackberries in bloom. Soon Summer will be here and stained fingers too :)
Hoje reparei nas amoreiras-silvestre em flor. O Verão não tarda e dedos das mãos manchados também :)


Linn said...

Yes finally it has come to Norway as well:)

Have a great day

Silvia said...

Hello Paula, I'm an italian illustrator ... You know that behind my house is a beautiful wild blackberry bush? Look here http://giochi-di-carta.blogspot.it/2012/05/il-buongiorno-si-vede-dal-mattino.html
I love nature, and I really admire your work!
Best wishes, Silvia

olga inoue said...

and i remember the blackberries
you showed here long ago. i wish one
day i`ll see them in bloom, too

paula said...

thank you ladies! :)