4 July 2012


. sometimes I wonder how I came to be as chaotic as this . often it stays as this for days ... until I notice! . believe me I wasn't like this at all! :) . good morning, enjoy your day! *.
. por vezes penso como cheguei ao estado caótico como este . frequentemente fica assim durante dias ... até me aperceber! . acreditem que não era nada assim! :). bom dia, divirtam-se! *.


Ana Morais said...

até está arrumadinho...
comparado com a minha secretária...


turtle and dragon said...

Isn't it amazing how out of control things can get, but I actually enjoy putting things back in order and how great it feels for the brief while afterwards. Then before I know, craziness again. Hope you are enjoying your week! I believe I spy a fabric tote I made for you on your desk, it made me smile. ox Mel

Patricia G said...

It would take me a very long time to get my desk so tidy!

eau de nil said...

you ain't seen chaos, Paula. this is amateur stuff!


paula said...

Ana ... :) obrigada!

dear Melanie yes it is true!
I also enjoy putting things back in order but often lately things seem to get much faster than I do :)
and indeed it is your lovely tote :) I use it often to carry little parcels to the post office and usually carry it in my bag so I can use it whenever I need to stop by the grocers for a little shopping. it has been really useful, thanks again! hope you have a lovely 4th today *

Patricia ... thanks you made me smile! :)

dear Xenia I love the way you express yourself! :) ... I'm still not used to this "new" me ... often I get surprised and frustrated at the same time ... I used to have everything in its place and whenever I finished something I would tidy up ... that is no longer the case! ofter days and weeks pass by until I realise I left something laying around and what amazes me most is that I don't actually "see" it until for some reason something grabs my attention ... anyway I suppose I just have to get myself used to it and be happy :)