18 August 2012


I was out at 7 am. walking in back roads . alone . today . the fog (unanticipated) had sat comfortably across the night . the sun no more than a halo . hazy mystical . ghostly . some brief scattered encounters of men driving tractors to the cultivated fields . ready for another busy day harvesting . all day . the silence otherwise . apart from the waking up of birds and my own footsteps on the coarse sandy path . and perhaps a distant water running somewhere . very faint . dew settled on the strands of hair as it equally did on fine cobwebs . a perfect moment for a start of a new day .

images from my cheap mobile


Valerie said...

when you say cheap mobile, that proves once more than art & beauty will never belong to the type of camera, or how much you upgrade it, but in the eyes & in the heart of the photographer.
beautiful. i love the mood of the early misty morning.

BiancaSnow said...

So magical, Reading this and looking at the photos made it a special moment in my day :)

olga inoue said...

when i see this dim light through
the fog, it shines like the
northern sun.
all beautiful
nature, your photos

paula, your mail
arrived. i am speechless
thank you from the bottom of my heart

eau de nil said...

thank you for the mystery,
so different to the bright, animated world i've just come from.