1 September 2012


we reach another month . time inexorably goes on . regardless of anything . carrying seasons on its shoulders . the sun moves lower . still overly hot . but the light ... there is something, very faint, almost imperceptible lingering in the air . a difference in brightness . golden . the scent of ripe fruit . the start of grape picking . the busy fields . energetic with men . the scent of quince heavily pendent on trees . soon, very soon ready to be collected . the scent of light dust blends with a vague far away mist in the early hours . arriving from the future . the sudden surprise of the shorter daylight hours . a slice on each day .

have a beautiful september!*

tenham um belo setembro! *


eau de nil said...

so beautifully captured, in word + image.
and here, there's the breeze threading through the trees at night, a promise of things to come.

a beautiful autumn to you!


Monika said...

Autumn beginning.beautiful apples,sweetest, exactly now. I am loving Antonovkas, it probably hey, you?;)

paula said...

thank you dear Xenia ... there no respite from the heat however ... today it was 36ºC over here and it feels strange now that the sun is lower ... and apparently we are braced for a few more days like this ... I so long for less tiring days!
a beautiful one to you too *

Monika . thank you! yes autumn is slightly in the air :)
those are actually not apples they are quince and soon I shall pick a few to cook and to make jam ... ummm delicious! enjoy! :)