20 October 2012


from this morning in the fields . not exactly sure what the ones in the last image are . probably bales of straw wrapped in plastic . I think they created a rather bizarre (almost theatrical) presence in the fog . have a beautiful day . xox

desta manhã nos campos . não sei bem o que são na última imagem . penso que talvez fardos de palha envoltos em plástico . acho que criou uma presença estranha (quase teatral) no meio do nevoeiro . tenham um bonito dia . bjs


Ariadne said...

These are eggs from outer space!If you consider the fact that there is spider web in the first photo I think these are giant spider eggs so be careful!LOL!AriadnefromGreece

Alexandra Macedo said...

Sim, a última imagem é muito vulgar por aqui, mas sem esse bonito e intenso nevoeiro.

eau de nil said...

only you, dear paula!
thank you for this magic.


Anonymous said...

fog everywhere in europe, as i can see... i prefer it's absence, though.

turtle and dragon said...

Beautiful images. The spider web is stunning. The covered bales always remind me of big marshmallows, which always brings a smile. Hope you are well, dear friend. ox Mel

Anonymous said...

look at this spider web!
beautiful foggy atmosphere!