9 December 2012


roasted some beetroot today ... what an amazing colour! ; )

hoje assei beterraba no forno ... que cor fascinante! ; )


Patricia G said...

great patterning too - the rings inside.

paula said...

Indeed, there is! :)

Kelly said...

love beets! I agree the colour is beautiful!

eau de nil said...

and i just made some cake with it
not very sweet, with chocolate
which i think you'd like
(photo + link on the blog)

a wonderful week to you


Unknown said...

Adorei as fotos!
Estão fantásticas e apetitosas...
Beijos Teresa Brójo

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Love this colour...it's deep!

paula said...

hi Kelly ... I confess I rather like the colour but not a big fan of the taste ... it has to be "disguised" :)

that seems a lovely way of having these lovely beets ... I tried some bread but, although it is tasty and goes very nice with a bowl of hot hearty soup, it looks a bit odd ... that is why I didn't published it.
have to try that cake, thanks! :)
a wonderful week to you too *

Olá Teresa ... obrigada! bjs :)

Eye ... it is indeed! :)