20 December 2012


or what I brought home in my pockets from this morning's walk :)

colecção de Inverno ... ou o que trouxe para casa no bolsos esta manhã! :)


Carla Morais said...

Adoro! Lindas imagens, Paula. Um feliz e sereno Natal!

Anonymous said...

even nature is dressed in christmas colors! :)

turtle and dragon said...

Beautiful treasures! Hope you are well, my dear friend. ox Mel

eau de nil said...

funny, my pockets had very similar things in them too :)

paula said...

Obrigada Carla! um bom Natal cheio de paz e alegria! :)

Evdokia . absolutely ... happy Christmas! :)

Dear Mel have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for being there! :)

Dear Xenia . so happy to know about that! :)
have a beautiful Christmas ... thank you for everything :)

Denisa T. said...

I so love to do the same :)