30 December 2012


this morning . . . on the edge of another year *

 esta manhã . . . no limiar de outro ano *


Jimena said...

Hi there! I'm a twenty something Spanish girl who has been silently following your blog for a while and today I just wanted to say thank you for having such an especial blog. You make me be more aware of the tiny things in life one must be grateful for and I find lots of comfort in your simple yet beautiful words and pictures. Cheers and have a good start of the year.

meiomaio said...

mais fotografias daquelas bonitas :) bom ano*

paula said...

Thank you Jimena! you have no idea how wonderful it is for me to know about that . . . is it deeply rewarding.
have a beautiful New Year *

meiomaio . muito obrigada! um Belo Ano :)

Vibeke said...


wishing you all the best for this new year dear paula,


paula said...

Dear Vibeke have the most beautiful 2013 full of love and lightness *