18 January 2013


the split branch will be available only until 28th February . the next few weeks will be the last chance to buy these . the mould is in need of well deserved retirement and since it was made using a natural branch, which meanwhile lost its freshness, I will not be able to make another mould for these  . . .  I will be casting just another handful

o ramo de parede estará disponível apenas até dia 28 de Fevereiro . tem as próximas semanas para adquirir esta peça . o molde está a precisar de reforma e como foi feito usando um ramo natural, que entretanto perdeu toda a sua frescura, não tenho a possibilidade de fazer um novo para estas peças  . . .  apenas farei mais uma mão cheia


eau de nil said...

it looks perfect,
every time

Patrice A. said...

I come here often
to enjoy your beautiful world
but not often enough!
because I read this post
this morning!!
I would love to buy one
together with the twigs
and I tried this morning
several times
I do not have a paypal account
I tried to pay with my creditcard
but it didn't work

and today it is the 28th....

Patrice A.