26 August 2013


This evening I went out rather late for the usual walk with the dog. The day was by then closing down in shades of pink, orange and intense turquoise. In the distance, on my left side and as I strolled towards the little park by the library, a vast stripy fireball was withdrawing swiftly behind the line of lower buildings and trees which make the outline of town. At least from where I see it! 
It had been another rather hot day and Summer I feel, is reaching a point of tiredness and stagnation. I dream and search for other Nordic, cooler landscapes. Having no means to be elsewhere for now, I dream. 
Some people had brought out chairs into the pavement while some others were sitting on public benches that are scattered on the sidewalk. They chatted as I passed by.
Whole buildings emptied of their residents gathering outside trying to cool down, trying to socialise. In the fountain I found three kids searching for a lost turtle hiding in the not too clear water. Immersed up to their knees and a broom in hands they were scanning the bottom of the fountain in hope of finding a bump indicating a lost turtle. I walked past and smiled hoping they were able to find it. 
Everything around was loosing detail as minutes passed and the voices were now more and more alive as neighbours assembled in groups already having had their evening meals and having replaced TV screens for a convivial evening outside. 
Some ladies were walking the dogs, as I was. 
As I reached the area of tall trees by the school I saw some bats flying low, not many just a busy few, and the night had closed in by now like a balmy curtain. 
Adding to the warm stillness of the evening the cicadas song took me back to a very long time ago ... to a time when vividly I recall these same late Summer evening scenes like a stage placed in the memory and the early days with the sweet scent of freshly picked grapes.