27 December 2015


These last couple of days were peaceful. A time for memories, happy ones! Days that left a good sense of quietness and certainty ... hope you also had some relaxing days too. 
Tomorrow I'm going up north to meet a friend I haven't seen for over 16 years ... exciting! :)
Estes últimos dias têm sido acolhedores. Tempo de memórias boas. Dias que deixaram um sabor a tranquilidade e certeza ... espero que tenham tido dias reconfortantes também.
Amanhã vou para norte ao encontro de uma amiga que não vejo há mais de 16 anos ... que bom! :)


Ariadne said...

Have fun with your friend and a great holiday!AriadnefromGreece!

turtle and dragon said...

How was your visit?! I can only imagine how exciting it must have been! ox Mel

paula said...

Thank you Ariadne! Happy New Year *

It was great, thanks Melanie! It is quite interesting that although one spends so many years without seeing a friend and simply not being in touch for so long and then when you meet them again it is as if you were with them yesterday. It was lovely! :)