22 February 2016


Started a workshop on printmaking today at my old school with Jorge Nesbitt.
We worked on the dry point technique. Really great!

Comecei hoje um workshop de gravura na minha antiga escola com Jorge Nesbitt.
Trabalhámos com a técnica de ponta seca. Foi fantástico!


MJT said...

How exciting! The print looks lovely. I am sure you will learn a great deal. Enjoy! xo Mel

Ariadne said...

Looks very interesting.Is it engraving on plexi glass?AriadnefromGreece!

paula said...

Thanks dear Melanie! It is very interesting indeed :)

Dear Ariadne yes it is engraved on plexi glass. Traditionally copper plates were used but not only they are more expensive but it takes quite a lot of work and time just to prepare (sand and polish) the plates. Thanks!