18 August 2016


The water "bottle" ... in the days before plastic these were used to sell water (and the container) at railway stations around here 
A "garrafa" de água ... antes do plástico estas bilhas eram usadas para vender água (e bilha) nas estações de comboio por aqui


MJT said...

How wonderful, so much healthier for humans and the environment. Thanks for sharing this. Happy weekend, dear friend. xo Mel

prpltrtl946 said...

Much nicer! And, I bet it kept the water cool!! 8*)

paula said...

Indeed Melanie! Thanks, the same to you ...

It does keep the water very cool indeed!
These smaller ones were used to carry while traveling but every house used to have a very large one to keep drinking water that was always really cool in Summer ... this was before refrigerators :)
Thank you!