25 November 2017


This morning while searching for quietness in the day I met some friendly faces :) ... Enjoy!
Esta manhã enquanto procurava a calma do dia cruzei-me com umas amiguinhas :) ... Divirtam-se!

❍ Celorico da Beira - Casas do Rio


MJT said...

What a treat, friendly and too cute as well! I was out for a walk in the woods earlier, snow has melted, the moss and lichen are such vibrant colours. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

paula said...

Yes it was cute :)
I was just taking a photograph when I heard a soft noise behind me. Turned around and there they were looking at me and walked past by.

I imagine it must be beautiful in the woods where you are.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend ♡

Joana said...

Que lindo, Paula. Que tranquilidade. Dá mesmo vontade de caminhar. :)

paula said...

Obrigado pela companhia Joana ;)