28 June 2018


The Full Strawberry Moon happens on June 27th in the US and June 28th in Europe. The colorful name is closely linked with the spread of warmer weather across the Northern Hemisphere and many Native American and First Nations peoples have special names for this full moon. The Algonquin tribes of what is now New England coined the nickname Full Strawberry Moon because the phase marked the best time of year to harvest the wild fruit. Similarly, the Cherokee of the southeastern woodlands knew the moon as the Green Corn Moon, the time of year when fresh corn ears grow best. The Tewa Pueblo of the desert southwest looked forward to the June rains and bestowed the title of “Moon when the leaves are dark green.” Across the Atlantic, the ancient Celts even jumped on the botanic theme. They called the June moon, the Oak Moon (all their Full Moons were named after trees). Of course, not everyone was thrilled for the warmer weather. The Wasco-Wishram tribe of Oregon were less enthusiastic in welcoming the June moon. They knew it as, “the-moon-when-fish-spoils-quickly-moon” ... sweet and fun info of the seventh moon of the year from moongiant :)

A sétima lua cheia do ano com informação muito engraçada tirada do sítio moongiant :)