9 September 2018


The morning woke up enveloped in white mist 
The stretch of sand a blank canvas
Wet by salty sea and the rain
Smooth, clean, untouched
Ready for sketches as I walked barefooted 
By my side the never ending thundery sound of the clear green cold grey water
The waves crashing rolling one upon the other
Rolling one after the other
Crumbling into soft foam and disappearing
The seagulls inventing a flight as I passed just to return when the distance was safe
Smart gulls!
Round shaped, rectangular shaped, unspecified shaped rocks lying along the shore 
Resembling fat seals waiting for rays of sun
Which would only appear much later in the day 

Praia da Areia Branca  -  4th to 7th September 2018


MJT said...

Absolutely divine! Looks like an incredibly restful and gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images and words. xo

paula said...

So happy you enjoyed :)
Thank you dear friend! ♡

Canna_W said...

Those pix are absolutely gorgeous, and have your signature all over them. Such beautiful, quiet, understated elegance....

Love the poem too.

paula said...

Thank you dear Caroline ;)