18 July 2012


. time to relax ... enjoy!


. verão . tempo para descontrair ... divirtam-se!


eau de nil said...

so light and carefree! and i love your billowing pirate's sail ) .here summer is difficult right now, oppressive, just waiting for the temperature to drop so we can breathe again.


Lilli said...

The graceful dance of shadows; impossible to hold and keep.

Summer, warm sand and blue sky looks so nice. Ours is so cold this year.


paula said...

Xenia ... the pirate's sail is a very old piece of fabric I got at the entrance of a mosque in Turkey in the summer of 1989 (gosh, 23 years ago!!!) . it served to cover the legs left uncovered by the rather long shorts ... as you can testify, still useful today! :)
yes with temperatures like the ones you mention I know it is very, very uncomfortable! fortunately temperatures have dropped about 10ºC over here ... keep yourself cool!

thank you Lilli, if I could I would send a little heat wave your way ...