2 April 2013


Well not exactly today's morning (it would not have been possible to go to this place today as during the night it got flooded) but yesterday while visiting the river I observed . . .

a) there are already large poppies out there :)
b) some fruit trees have new fruits (figs) some are in bloom (quince) while others have fruit and are in bloom all at the same time (oranges . . .  I simply love the refreshing scent of orange blooms!) :)
c) the old derelict fishermen's houses have a vague look of relaxing Summer days
d) it was a fine bright morning . . . so clear after the rain *

Bem não exactamente durante a manhã de hoje (teria sido impossível passar por estas bandas pois durante a noite toda esta zona ficou vedada por causa da cheia) mas ontem quando visitei o rio vi que . . .

a) há papoilas enormes por ai :)
b) algumas árvores de fruto têm novos frutos (figos) algumas estão em flor (marmeleiro) e outras têm fruto e flor ao mesmo tempo (laranjeira . . .  adoro o perfume revigorante das flores de laranjeira) :)
c) as velhas casas abandonadas dos pescadores têm um ar vago de belos dias de Verão
d) estava uma manhã linda e brilhante . . . límpida depois da chuva *


Shari C. said...

So Beautiful!! Hope the flooding didn't harm things much...we get lots of rain and flooding here in Washington, too.

Deb Montague said...

I love the brilliant red of the poppies. Incredibly gorgeous with the backlit sunshine. I really should plant some in my yard.

auprès de mon arbre said...

Your walks look marvellous, I would like to be your friend to have some with you some mornings.

paula said...

Hello Shari ... Around here mainly the fields are flooded and fortunately it doesn't cause much trouble apart from the roads closure inconvenience . . . have a lovely day thanks! :)

Deb . It is such a happy red! I didn't know one could plant poppies but then again I never gave it much of a thought and I suppose you can plant basically anything given the right conditions . . . in here there are many in the fields from late Winter to the whole of Spring . . . thanks for the visit and enjoy whatever you do! :)

Hèléne . Yes, I really enjoy going for a walk around here and see the differences in the days and how light and seasons change the scenery . . . Mercie pour votre visite et avoir une journée magnifique :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful poppies
and blooming nature!

Ariadne said...

I love all the photos especially the first one!AriadnefromGreece!