2 June 2015


There is a wonderful warm soothing scent from all the flowers of tilias that live in town and the bees are busy and happy with it ... images of a 106 years old Tilia tomentosa, the oldest one in town
Há um perfume calmante e quente no ar de todas a tílias em flor que se encontram espalhadas pela cidade e as abelhas estão ocupadas e felizes com isso ... imagens de uma Tilia tomentosa com 106 anos, a mais antiga na cidade


turtle and dragon said...

This is a gorgeous tree, the images you have captured are so beautiful. Amazing to think of all the life the tree has witnessed and experienced. Thanks again for your beautiful creations, the vases are stunning. ox Mel

Ariadne said...

The smell is unbelievable!AriadnefromGreece!

paula said...

Yes, amazing to think of all the things that this tree has witnessed during all these years. I'm the one to thank you for your kindness Melanie. Thanks for your friendship.

Indeed, it is a wonderful scent Ariadne!