30 July 2016


Portuguese Crowberry (Corema album) . Beautiful berries just like pearls that can be found near the coast at this time of the year (images and video from August 2014) 
Camarinhas (Corema album) . Bonitas bagas como pérolas que se podem encontrar junto à costa nesta época do ano (imagens e vídeo de Agosto 2014)


MJT said...

How lovely! Gorgeous images and beautifully crafted basket and video. What do you do with the harvested berries?

Tammie Lee said...

beautiful, do you eat them?
we have a berry that is white, the Snowberry. We don't eat them, but some critters do.

paula said...

Hi Melanie! You can either eat them as they are (they have a taste I cannot quite explain ... something between sweet and acid) or you can make jam or vinegar. Thanks!

Yes Tammy, they are edible :) ... thanks!