22 September 2016


Yesterday I had lunch with a couple of friends overlooking this place.
Natural salt taken from the mountains. Near home.
Images and video from 2 years ago

Ontem almoço com amigos a olhar para este lugar.
Sal natural tirado da serra. Perto de casa.
Imagens e video de há 2 anos


Ariadne said...

Very interesting! We have lots of sea salt areas here.AriadnefromGreece!

paula said...

Hi Ariadne! We also have several places in Portugal (being a country with a large coastal area) but this in actually near the mountains some miles from the sea and a very nice place to visit. Thank you!

MJT said...

This is wonderful, always enjoy your videos. Fascinating how resourceful humans are, so interesting this place is near the mountains and not the coast. Thanks for sharing this with us.

paula said...

Absolutely Melanie! Yes it not usual to find salt near mountains but this place has a natural underground link to the sea that is why salt is found in there although it is more than 30km away from the coast.