31 January 2010


end of january ... what accomplishments have I made?
• read a whole book in french. well it was a comics book but still I made it in french. quite happy with that!
• took some hard decisions that had been on hold for years. made up my mind and vital changes are taking place. starting to breath!
• bid farewell to a job that wasn't feeling quite right. learning to listen to myself.
• watched 3 movie, at home it is true but it is a start to my film watching resolution.
• I spent more time with myself just thinking, just listening. many important decisions resulted from that.
• gave lots of love to my pets. everyday! and they reciprocate.
• bought 2 hyacinths and been watchful of my tiny succulents.
• watched birds flying in the sky and released myself. saw the days growing wider.
• I was able to post here almost everyday this month. sometimes not much to say but the important was to be present, establish a method that I'm in need of and start to get organised ... eagerly waiting for february. going to miss parts of what I leave behind but so looking forward to what lies ahead. so many projects to put into practice.

29 January 2010

orange flower

I miss it! such a wonderful sweet scent ... images from years ago

27 January 2010

green days

this week I planted some tiny succulents and my hyacinth is displaying some life ... things are moving!

24 January 2010

dry grasses

just something simple for today ...
hope your week starts off smoothly!

23 January 2010


happy birthday to me! : )

22 January 2010

orange grove

away for a couple of days. traveled to the yard of orange trees. the roads paved with distant memories.
back, resting the head while being driven in a sleepy motion. the landscape dissolving into a faint dream where I saw timid blooms of an early spring and birds ... silent hovering birds!

20 January 2010


pleasantly simple and functional. love! --- all clothes and images from lisette.jp

19 January 2010


it was great fun making these! they were my last piece of coursework

18 January 2010


I just felt rather silent these last couple of days...too many things going on on my mind...a distant landscape a comforting one!

16 January 2010

lemon curd

a couple of days ago I was given a large bag of freshly picked lemons. yesterday I made lemon curd for the first time ...

450gr sugar
100gr butter
4 large eggs lightly beaten
4 large lemons, juice and rind

put all ingredients in a large bowl set over a pan of simmering water and stir constantly with a wooden spoon until thick and the curd coats the back of the spoon. pour into hot, sterilised jars. cover immediately with waxed discs and when cold label and place in the refrigerator. it will keep for a few weeks.

15 January 2010


love them! ... also love her work

14 January 2010


I discovered these in my archives today. those were days when things were simpler. now everything seem and feel a lot harder and complex to even begin to explain, albeit the clarity I'm experiencing. I miss those days!

12 January 2010

almost invisible

cold, damp, windy and dark. staying in! nothing much is being done or accomplished these days except maybe for those little bits in need of sorting out, things that lie quietly around, almost invisible.

11 January 2010


just looking at the map lines they draw against the sky, the directions for birds, and feeling silent ...